How it Works?
Register for FREE - Less than 2 minutes needed. On Facebook, it'll only take you 50 seconds. We timed it! Get a Ticket, Choose an Event, Press Attend. Can't make it out, then get View Me's to unlock crucial contact information like Social Media ID(s).
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From Online To Offline
Meet n' Mix is unlike any other Singles site! Best Online features available with the best Offline Events! Participate in fun activities and get a real idea of a person's personality and interests. Pay as you go with View Me's and Tickets!
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Real People, Real Chances
Real Serious Singles who want to find that special someone. Join Us Online to Get Offline. Face to Face, you learn so much more about each other. Register for FREE today and take a chance on Real Chemistry!
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No Monthly Fees
Yeah, that's right, No Monthly Fees. Just Credits or Tickets! View Me's are credits that unlock crucial contact information, like Phone and Social Media ID(s). Tickets give 45 FREE View Me's, 5 FREE MM Cards, and the EXCLUSIVE Match Me button!
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Want real Chemistry?
Do you ever get that tingly feeling looking at the computer? Well we didn't think so. Chemistry Happens Offline. Experience Real Singles who want to find that someone special. It can be you! Register for FREE to make it happen.
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Event Venues Rock
Words that will come to mind are cool, sophisticated, chic, contemporary, and simply modern. We make sure event venues are appealing! If you feel comfortable, then your prone to be relaxed and enjoy yourself. Don't wait, find your Event today!
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Against Speed Dating
As our Founder says "Speed Dating really doesn't work!" Meet n' Mix Events give you an equal ratio of women to men, activities that inspire an introvert as much as an extrovert, and a very easy way to communicate with your Meet n' Mix Card.
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Meet n' Mix Card
Meet n' Mix Cards offer a way to communicate with persons of interest at Events. Give it out to show a person that you're interested in getting to know them. Customize your card online and 5 will be waiting for you when you arrive.
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